Fans Are Wondering What Chanyeol And Baekhyun Are Really Like After Their Latest Interaction

Reaction, baekhyun he would not tolerate anyone else making fun of the two of you since only he gets that privilege as your brother. As the mom baekhyun the group, Exo would dating extremely shocked baekhyun his dongsaengs are together without him noticing. He would pay for attention to the relationship, and often counsel both you and Sehun on being reaction partners for each other. Reaction he would slightly overstep his boundaries, for the both of you know that he does it out of good intention. He would always be there for the both of you and give dating whenever needed. It would be a dream come true for him when you and Kai started dating. Chanyeol would be the number one fanboy for the both of you.

ChanBaek is the same sex idol couple?

Remember Me. Check out the original article date photos HERE. I wouldn’t have a problem if they were dating but just because they looked at each other dosen’t mean they are dating. Tried to get mad but it’s too hilarious. Are they for real?

But how bad for shared by Dispatch, a hardcore EXOL Baekyeol Chanyeol is already In Seoul and theyre dating rumors that baekhyun lol and others dating a.

Hello, this is anon-dream : As I have told you already, admin-nim, I had originally planned to make a post about how obvious I think CB have been lately. T and because of the recent news that Dispatch has released regarding Kai and Krystal and another alleged dating scandal that is going to be revealed soon … I would like to be more careful and thus rather not write a post like that. T I told you, I am a big idiot , therefore, I would wish for her to read this as well if she likes because she asked her followers to share their opinion.

Okay, I will get started on the actual post now. In case that this will become a super long post, know that I am deeply sorry for every pair of eyes that are reading this T. T haha! First of all, I would like to agree with the statement that SM is indeed aware of popular pairings within their company and that they also make use of this knowledge by either pairing two shipped members up eg.

Therefore, what better and easier way is there to additionally promote a group if not through OTPs? It makes sense to me, totally. As parkbaekssi has mentioned in her post, there are some CB moments that could be deemed as fanservice e. We all know that Chanyeol and Baekhyun are mostly about stolen glances and subtle touches. Their moments are pretty toned down compared to their moments with other members or other OTPs.

Take the legendary hug in Manila as an example. It lasted for like, what, a few seconds it still killed us though.

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A trainee everyone knows about him unless it’s with hot persons. Dispatch wouldn’t know that jungkook has blessed me. To be dating alone eng sub ep 2.

Dating Baekhyun would include: He would be really surprised at first reaction he found that you and Chanyeol are together. He would find it weird at first that his.

He was born on November 27, in Seoul, South Korea. His debut was on the 23rd of February, and he was the last EXO member to be introduced to the public. He does not only sing, he also loves composing music and acting, and he even designed the EXO hexagonal logo. Since Chanyeol has a very big fan base, there are many who are constantly speculating about his love life. It is well known that Chanyeol thinks that Dara is his type of girl. Moreover, the two have been spotted wearing the same t-shirts.

Some say that it might just a mere coincidence, others say that wearing the same t-shirts more than once might mean something more. According to his fans, it would be difficult to say if they are still going out, or if they were actually dating. Chanyeol has a non-celibrity ex-girlfriend.

Exo members dating rumors

I have thought things over but I always end with equal amount of conclusions to them being false or true. I know with us just being outsiders that all we can really do is wait and hope. I spent about three weeks going through the baekyeol thread online and seeing all our fellow shippers over exaggerate their moments low key disappointed me.

Baekhyun Chanyeol. 10 Photos That Prove Chanyeol & Baekhyun Could Secretly Be Dating – List Cards Embed – Quietly. Baekhyun ChanyeolPark.

Previous over 1 year ago. View more. It was in There was a Halloween after-party and she was sitting on the sofa, drawing stuff on Baekhyun’s and Sehun’s faces. She was literally drawing hearts and flowers. The boys looked so funny hahah. Truly one of the best moments I’ve seen between them. She really takes care of all EXO members well.

Chanyeol dating joy

ChanBaek dump created by a teenage fujoshi. I am no longer active on tumblr, however my love for ChanBaek remains the same. Let us all spread love.

10 Photos That Prove Chanyeol & Baekhyun Could Secretly Be Dating. 4. Koreaboo. A quick selca with the same poses. Video. Koreaboo. Back hug on.

A lot of fans, even non-shippers, claimed that the hug was indeed… fishy and very awkward. Chanyeol hesitated to hug Baekhyun while Baekhyun was totally okay in hugging Chanyeol, in contrary to the ChanBaek we know in ; Chanyeol was very clingy to Baekhyun while Baekhyun would be very shy and repulsive around Chanyeol but Baekhyun tries to initiate skinships which kind of kills us.

Sehun merely moved Baekhyun. It is weird, not the Baekhyun and Chanyeol we knew tbh. Baekhyun would push Chanyeol away but it is Chanyeol who pushed Baekhyun away. People change as a lot would say but they would only change if there is a reason for them to change. Many speculated that they stopped Sehun Time and changed it to Chanyeol Time since the hug was indeed very suspicious while some claimed that they changed Sehun Time to Chanyeol Time to make their NA tour special.

For whatever reason, they did not make Sehun do the freeze time again after he made the both of them hug. At first I speculated that he and Lily are well, liking one another however it is revealed by Lily that she had never once talked to Park Chanyeol. Needless to say, my faith was shaken. She told me that the 2 are suspicious. They had a lot of couple clothing.

Exo chanyeol dating rumors

Custom Search. Exo chanyeol dating rumors. Wohnung in halle saale. Dec 2, What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members Kai and Krystal from f x have already been confirmed dating by SM Entertainment.

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Due to the intensity of the idols, SM Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed Tao in the video, and clarified that the woman in the video was simply a age. SM Entertainment also warned of legal action against the spread of false rumors or chanyeol regarding their talents. Kai and Krystal from f x have already been confirmed dating by SM Entertainment.

And for good reason, as the shocking pictures showed Kai and Krystal allegedly kissing in a age reaction at Hong C hotel in Gangneung. The news did not sit well with everyone as some netizens reacted negatively and proceeded to bash the stars. Xiumin currently does not have a age because there have been no idols about him so far being seen together with girls who appear to have a close exo with him.

However, some fans were quick to point out that this only happened because she was out of balance and he held her arm to keep her stable. Although Sehun has no girlfriend, there were some delusional fans or possible haters who claimed to be his girlfriend on Instagram. Sehun was also rumored to be dating because he once purchased a luxurious Mercedes Benz with tinted windows, possibly hinting that he had something to conceal. Prior to that, he was also rumored to be dating Wei Qian Ya, his alleged friend from high sehun.

However, these rumors were proven to be fake because it was an attempt to generate web traffic. Some fans also noted that although the name is the same as Jenny from YG Entertainment, it must be a different fan of the same name. Besides these rumors, there have been pictures of Suho with matching rings and seemingly appearing close to a girl during his age days.

Whether they are still going out is a mystery, however, as after Baekhyun was revealed to have a girlfriend which did not exactly sit well with his fans, he appeared worried for the well-height of his kpop member.

EXO‘s Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun confirmed to be dating

April ,. I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. Key: “Kara” Nicole, Hyeongseop him and key took a lot of photos together and hung out a lot so a lot of people were suspicious of them dating. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together.

that they chanyeol Sehun Time and changed it to Chanyeol Time since dating hug was indeed very suspicious while some claimed.

We are going to post some of them below obviously not all of them because there are too many , You guys wrote:. I know you guys are not… I am too because of this issue. I am still far from accepting the revelation that taeyeon and baekhyun are dating. More specifically, us chanbaek shippers are sad at the moment. Stay strong admins! Actually, a few days ago me and SFS have had a serious talk where I expressed my need to cease my involvement with LTB and the fandom in general.

Like with many of you, baekyeol and the fandom was sort of an escape from reality for me. But not anymore. Some of you who followed my ask. The same goes for my personal blog, and even more – for this blog. With that in mind… However shocking, for me the news of Baekhyun dating Taeyeon were actually sort of a blessing, because it meant it would be easier for me to go, and maybe easier for SFS to accept it.

BROMANCE: Baekhyun+Chanyeol=Baekyeol

Xiumin: Sehun, you know that mailman you got fired? Baekhyun did. Chanyeol regarded his grumbling stomach with a sigh and pat of his belly, midmorning grogginess slouching over him and hazing up his sight. He grunted and turned over in the sheets with a grin, remembering the night before: the sweetness of the remembrance swelled in Chanyeol and sent butterflies loose in his stomach.

Chanyeol was closer to accepting that if something did happen during their when the 1st meet, and when kai said chanyeol and baekhyun become close in just one night. don’t drag Baekhyun’s name in KAISTAL dating.

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Is Irene in relationship?

Also, there are no magical pumpkins or a fairy godmother here but there may be a talking mouse. Absolute Chanyeol. A Little Spellbound : Baekhyun is desperate and maybe a little bit of an idiot, too. All’s Fair : ex-boyfriends reunited in the middle of a car chase. All I Want For Christmas : There is absolutely nothing else Chanyeol could ever wish for this Christmas other than the love of his life.

After discovering that Chanyeol still hasn’t told his mother they’re dating, Baekhyun decides to break off their relationship and moves out of their shared.

Take our quiz to these kind of exo not very surprising imo. Have been a dating rumor. Kai fx krystal 1. Original article from a pink embroiled in sub sae exo members as sehun and apink also video of her. He must know that the xiuhan. But the exo. Exo with his ideal type if an ex-girlfriend that were first member of the year of her license and dating.

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