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The successor to the much respected Keeper of the Dalish Elves, Merrill has been permitted to leave her home in Sundermount for the first time to explore and learn what the outside world has to offer. She certainly doesn’t carry those distinct qualities of someone holding such a prestigious title among the Dalish. Merrill talks a lot. Sometimes she prattles on endlessly until she realizes that she’s lost everyone and stops making sense. This is perhaps one of her more charming aspects. Her good natured attitude, impish behavior and childlike wonder are a constant reminder of her naivety.

Merrill Cosplay from Dragon Age 2

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Merrill ends up with a forfeit that makes things a little awkward… for Carver, anyway. One-shot, 3, words. Ongoing, 36, words and 8 chapters long. Dialogue largely taken from the game. Something I quickly turned out in March and promptly forgot about. One-shot, words. Pancake Day M!

Romance (Dragon Age II)

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Merrill: If a spirit asked to live inside my body in exchange for its assistance, I would simply say no. This illustration was commissioned via email by someone named Casey as a companion piece to a fic they have written. Out of respect, please do not repost my art. Thank you! Hawke and Carver care deeply for one another but they always get on each others nerves, saying mean things without thinking about how it might actually effect the other.

Merrill and Fenris always sound so frustrated with each other, but their banter can be playful at times. Log in Sign up. Hawke : I need everyone to be straight with me. Varric : Homeless. Isabela : Naked. Fenris : Dead. A reblog of Merrill. DA2 da2 fenris da2 merrill da2 varric dai varric da2 aveline da:o DAO DAI da:i da:i varric dragon age dragon age origins dragon age two dragon age 2 dragon age inquisition dragon age: origins dragon age: inquisition hawke garrett hawke kirkwall dalish elf dwarf elf digital art merrill fenris aveline varric varric tethras.

I fell off the pier once.

Can you have romance with two at the same time?

This is a fan run community. This subreddit and its mods are in no way associated with BioWare or EA. Discussion [Spoilers All] Merrill’s romance is problematic, and that’s okay self. Also, this is not a Merrill bashing. Below is why. First, about Merrill herself.

Sep 2, – Merrill – Dragon Age 2. Halloween Makeup. Merrill – Dragon Age Expected completion date: Metrocon Dragon Age Games, Dragon Age.

Loved that she sent a letter to give to Alistair if he was a warden there in Skyhold! My poor heart. I also love that she tells the Inquisitor to “take care of my king until I can return to him” if Alistair is king. Merrill and her freaky mirror. This is where you can get your own custom painted set of pointy ears! I paint them to match your skin tone so they look like they are real. Please select a skin tone option at checkout that is closest to your own. The last image of this listing has a picture of each of the color choices!

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Hawke x Merrill Rivalry Romance. Merril et hawke. I suppose sometimes when she is not DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. A place for us to dump all the Dragon Age we find and delight in. Occasionally NSFW.

Romance with Merrill is initiated once her Act 2 companion quests (Mirror Image, Back From Sundermount, and Questioning Beliefs) have been done. Merrill then​.

All love interests, except Sebastian, may be romanced by either gender. No other companions can be romanced. It is possible to sleep with all romantic companions, except Sebastian, in a single game. Sleeping with any of the companions does not prevent the development of other romances. However asking either Anders or Merrill to move in after sleeping with them will deactivate the romance flags of all other characters, and remove critical flirt lines from their dialogue.

Alternatively, if at the end of the cut scene where you sleep with either Anders or Merrill, you choose the breaking heart option to indicate that it was merely a one-night stand, you may continue with other romances. The companion you want to stay with in Act 3 must be the last one you have slept with in Act 2. As Sebastian’s romance has the prerequisite of never initiating a flirt option with any companion or NPC, he can never be simultaneously romanced.

Fem Hawke & Merrill

Ive reloaded the save twice now, tried a couple of different dialog options, and it always happens. So, is this quest just completely broken and i wont be able to finish it? Kind of a bummer if so, but at least i’d like to know so i can move on. Apreciate any help! If I remember correctly, it won’t trigger until a certain point in the main story. Go back to her house after doing main story quests.

Dragon Age II is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Anders, Fenris, Isabela and Merrill are romance options for Hawke of either sex, with Sebastian a chaste love interest for a female Hawke. “Dragon Age II may be “our most reactive game to date”, says BioWare”. VG

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